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Can Big Tech Platforms Operate Responsibly on a Global Scale?
18th September 2022 • The Sunday Show • Tech Policy Press
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A series of reports published this summer by Article 19- working with UNESCO and with funding from the European Union- take an in-depth look at how social media platforms operate in a global context, documenting a lack of understanding of cultural nuances and local languages, insufficient mechanisms for users and civil society groups to engage on moderation, a lack of transparency, and a power asymmetry that leaves local actors feeling powerless.

To learn more about the project and its recommendations, in this episode we hear from four individuals involved in the drafting of the reports:

  • Pierre François Docquir, Head of Media Freedom, ARTICLE 19, who led the project globally;
  • Roberta Taveri, an ARTICLE 19 program officer who played a role in delivering the research on Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Catherine Muya from ARTICLE 19 East Africa, who focused on Kenya, and
  • Sherly Haristya, PhD, an independent researcher who conducted the research on Indonesia.