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Making space for the discourse of justice with Dr. Jasmine Gani [Part 2]
Episode 76th December 2021 • Muslim in Plain Sight • Anisa Khalifa and Khadija Khalil
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Dr. Jasmine Gani, a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St. Andrews, sits down with us for a deeply moving conversation about her journey through the academy, as a student and a teacher, as well as her experiences with community organizing. Our discussion was so wide-ranging that we had to split it into two parts! Listen to Part 1.

In Part 2, Jasmine tells us why she chose academia as a career, the sacred duty of mentorship, and how and why we make space for the discourse of justice.


Find Jasmine’s work on her blog.

On the horrors of extraordinary rendition, read about Gareth Peirce's work and the infamous case of Maher Arar.

Peggy McIntosh initially coined the “invisible backpack” metaphor Anisa mentions for white privilege, but it has since been adopted to describe the trauma of racialisation and/or abuse.

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Hosts and Producers: Anisa Khalifa and Khadija Khalil

Consulting Producer: Paroma Chakravarty