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Indigo & Violet Energy Centers and Purified Emotions
Episode 1015th June 2021 • inaudible • Ryan Masterson & Jeremy Weiland
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Recording: 6/13/21 | Release: 6/15/21

Welcome to (inaudible), a podcast exploring the understanding and application of Confederation philosophy and the Law of One.

In this episode we finish up the concept of the energy ray centers & chakras: the Indigo Ray/Third Eye Chakra, and the Violet Ray/Crown Charka. We then begin to discuss a fantastic meditation session from May 7th, 2000, where Q'uo expounds upon the concept of purified emotions.

Show Notes

  • Q'uo on emotions and the deep mind:
  • We reference Carla’s book, Living the Law of One: 101 The Choice:
  • The Transcript Library:
  • The Law of One:
  • Living Love & Light Podcast: