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066 What’s your motivation?
Episode 667th October 2021 • The Surveyor Hub Podcast • Marion Ellis
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A question I'm asked a lot by surveyors is “Should I work for myself or not?” 

Maybe you are a student starting out. Maybe you’re employed but not being able to create the work life balance that you crave. Or you already work for yourself, but find that you are working ridiculously long hours and feeling like getting off the treadmill. As surveyors, you love what you do, but you struggle with running a business. And when you don't have a well run business, and you don't have good boundaries around your wellbeing and your personal life, things get messy, disorganised, and your risk of claims increases. So if you're asking yourself “Should I stay, or should I go?,” here are some things that can help you decide.

What We Cover: - How to discover your motivation for asking the question

- Where to look for solutions to your current situation

- The importance of personal development and education in business

- How to know when the time is right to start working for yourself 

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