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Bonus Cooking Episode #6 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor | Ghee
7th May 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Tuesday May 1, 2018  and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine is here to share with us the scoop on Ghee.

I’m just eating healthier. I feel like I’ve learned so much from you. The difference between what you made last week and what I made is I didn’t have the mung beans…. that’s basically it.

Food Babe Way Vani Hari

I’m following the Food Babe Sugar Detox

Food Babe Sugar Craving Detox Cover


I didn’t end up ordering split yellow mung beans and I’m just sprouting them. I’ve been doing a pre-cleanse, I cut out

  • caffeine
  • sugar
  • processed foods
  • wheat

I made split pea soup with carrots, I made a red lentil dahl with tomatoes and kale and rice

My mung beans will be ready tomorrow.

sprouting beans

  • nutrient dense food
  • you can do it from a dried bean!

take a quart sized jar

  • quarter cup at the most
  • 1/8 of a cup
  • cover the bottom
  • with a couple of layers of beans

They are? I thought they would be chick pea size!

not when their dry

not the ones I’ve been using

  • 24 hours soak
  • pour water over beans
  • strain it off
  • for the next several days
  • rinse with cold water

they start to sprout

cover with cheese cloth

I started them Sunday night I will be cooking with them tomorrow, Wednesday.


  • split yellow
  • green
  • red

organic company

Bob’s Red Mill

has those beans

that’s an easy way to start

posted on my website

under healing food


I was gonna share in addition to the sprouting

here’s why

it’s almost 1 and 1/2

times a pound of ghee

if you’re not sure what ghee is

it’s not the clothing you wear to

special cooking

so refined

medicinal value of whatever it’s cooked with deep into the body’s tissues

clear instead of cream

  • density
  • less refined

cream or a yogurt vs and oil

often times it is used in the cleansing process

  • spices and herbs
  • deeper cooking


special qualities


carries the medicinal value

deep into the bodies tissues

during a cleanse it’s the preferred oil to use

Today we’re gonna talk about?

What’s Ghee made out of?

clarified butter

long shelf life

as long as you don’t contaminate it with dirty water or a spoon

As long as you don’t put water in it and give it an opportunity to grow bacteria

Start with a pound of unsalted organic butter

when I was in Michigan I had a farm share to get raw milk butter. It was easy to get a hold of that but if you can’t get a hold of raw, use 

  • unsalted organic butter
  • melt that over medium heat
  • barely boil
  • cream colored milk curds
  • color butter will turn golden really beautiful clear

Farmer asked me: why would you boil the butter?

The butter is so amazing!

espically really organic grass fed

I am not opposed to butter at all

ghee has s different value

  • can store on shelf
  • can cook at a really high heat without smoking!
  • quality of being super refined
  • Like a special quality

stokes digestive fire – boosts your appetite without 



fire and water element

without causing inflamation

cool food to use

stoke digestion

absorption and assimilation

Like a medicinal butter if you will….


100xs washed ghee

The idea is that ghee doesn’t always look like an oil

after you cook it and strain it and store on the shelf

warm environment

it will sort of harden still be soft

won’t look like an oil anymore

refined product

  • you can wash it with cold water over and over again
  • turn to a really white color

Becomes a medicinal cream for the body

  • good for hearing scars
  • tattos
  • hydrating the skin

food cooking oil

I like the taste

What do you cook with it?

My #1 oil almost anything

  • heat some pour on top of soup

I have a high fat diet

fats have a lot of long lasting energy

  • frying something
  • high heat

great oil to use

found anything I don’t like it for

Some people use it for bulletproof coffee

Purpose of bulletproof coffee is to carry that energy longer

I have no idea what bulletproof coffee is? Coffee with butter. I’m kind of a boring coffee drinker


ghee longer


brand unto itself


high performance coffee drink

guessing some people

its not just butter coffee

I put molasses in my coffee, I go through stages. My preferred method is just cream but that gives me bad breath and cream and sugar is a lot of calories.


in a cleanse

in a traditional cleanse

take ghee on its own

specific herbs

flush out the digestive system

I use it to cook my kitchari with

I have the hardest thing for me is growing up in the generation of don’t put butter on your vegetables and then I talked to Sally Fallon from the Weston A. Price foundation and she said you’re not getting the maximum nutrient value if you don’t mix butter or some kind of fat…. but it’s so hard for me to put butter on my veggies like I just love corn on the cob or beets with just a little bit of pepper.

steamed vegetabels


lactose intolerance

not an allergy

moderate tolerant

milk solids have been removed

They go to the bottom and top of pot and then you strain them off

I’m curious if it will work for Mike, he’s a big baker and I would liek him to get ridof the margerine he puts in them, maybe it will replace that?

I love scones

Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners- Familiar Western Food Prepared with Ayurvedic Principles.jpg

Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners: Familiar Western Food Prepared with Ayurvedic Principles

there’s in Amadea Morningstar great scone recipe using ghee

baked with it find it quite helpful

not much

don’t lose much


try it on


  • only way we can
  • get some butter
  • let me know how it goes
  • ask questions how it goes
  • amazing I love it
  • It’s worth making or It’s not worth making it I know why it costs $10.

Well thanks for sharing with us. 

Sharing my journey through food and connect with listeners. I think people are liking it. I’m gonna give a call to action so she doesn’t quits on us. If you’ve been enjoying listening to our chats about cooking and food let us know reach out to Andrea Catherine.

I think people will put some of these things in their newsletter or share with friends or incorporate in their day.

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Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine

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