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Episode 346 – Putting the X in Suicide Squad
Episode 34625th October 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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(0:40) Introductions! Karen is with SeanGeek today. As we

catch up, we talk Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Taxidermy, DND Improv, and Charles

Ross’ One Man Star Wars

(17:04) We discuss Suicide Squad in detail, full of

spoilers, segueing into (26:58) the X-Men films. What did we think of Dark

Phoenix? What was right and what went wrong? And just what do we think about

the use of Mystique in the series, using the Wolverine effect to “carry” the

movies. Who was the better Mystique and why? And what would we have fixed to

make the film better?

(58:31) And what about the final X-film? You know, New

Mutants? What did New Mutants get right and why a more personal film really

suited the film?

Here are some of the Fringe related things we talked about:

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