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Maintaining Your Company Culture While Growing [E041]
Episode 4129th March 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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You’re growing -a lot, but concerned about losing the company culture you’ve spent so much time, energy, effort, and money on building. In this episode, Kim Walker shares her thoughts, ideas, and strategies being implemented to be super intentional about maintaining company culture.

Talking Points

  • Worked hard to define core values, build a team, processes
  • You’re getting great results
  • You’re growing
  • But fearful of losing momentum, culture, pace, etc
  • Keep Core Values front & center. What we do:
  • Hiring, onboarding
  • Firing relates back
  • In the middle - reward + recognize
  • Make decisions
  • Process
  • Documented
  • Practiced by all
  • Appreciated + Understood
  • Onboarding. 
  • How do you do it? 
  • Is it documented? Can it be duplicated easily?
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast
  • Games
  • Kim Games (Slack)
  • JR’s Dad Jokes + Puns
  • Playfulness, laughter, joy. Happiness is a core value for us. 
  • Contests.
  • Surprises
  • Letters to family
  • Door Dash
  • Travel together/retreat
  • Training
  • Meaningful
  • Easily found for future reference
  • Mentoring
  • Day to Day Connections
  • Slack
  • Huddles
  • Project Management software communication

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