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Referrals and Red Carpet Relationships, with Ron Alford (Sales, Adaptability, Consulting, Strategy)
Episode 2226th December 2017 • The Action Catalyst • Southwestern Family of Podcasts
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Ron Alford, Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting, is a certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

He is the former Regional Sales Director for The Southwestern Company, recruiting, training, mentoring and managing over 600 salespeople over 19 years. Ron is a company record holder,  he personally achieved the highest level of sales 70 times with Southwestern and is Six-time “Sales Manager of the Year” with Southwestern. Ron is also the Leadership Record Holder. He has coached and trained more 10,000+ producers than any other manager in the 158-year-old Southwestern history and personally coached and trained 6 of the top 10 lifetime salespeople in the history of Southwestern. Ron is #3 Lifetime Producer out of over 150,000 salespeople from Southwestern Company history.

Ron is also an endurance athlete, having completed many marathons, triathlons and “ultramarathon” events. He is an expert when it comes to recruiting, sales training and coaching individuals and teams to reach higher than they ever imagined. He lives with the strong belief that true success and enduring joy comes from principle-centered living… that’s the foundation, and everything else flows from there.

Show Highlights:

I’m creating allies in every sense of the word. - Ron Alford ‏Loyalty and consistency are signs of a quality relationship. - Ron Alford ‏We hurt relationships when we get shortsighted and in transactional mode. - Ron Alford ‏Look for those who speak the same language and you both can really help each other. - Ron Alford ‏Look for a way to make a difference in their life. - Ron Alford ‏Be willing to adapt, but be yourself. - Ron Alford ‏How can I kill my ego and be transparent? - Ron Alford ‏True confidence is just conviction. - Ron Alford ‏It’s not what I say, it’s how I make someone feel. - Ron Alford ‏

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