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Will we still have a planet in 2098?
Episode 198th September 2020 • Nomad Futurist • Nomad Futurist
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As a trailblazer, I believe: “A title does not define... it keeps one in a box, and I like to say that I do not have boxes... because I am ultimately a child of our universe.” 

Transmute the now and transcend tomorrow. Dominique Luchart is a multi-faceted creative force, a prolific writer, director and producer. She is also an Author, Futurist, and Speaker. As an innovator, she changes the way people interact with content, designing experiences for a new marketplace in the global digital landscape. She envisioned and is currently building a transformational and experiential web platform that serve resources and ideas, providing collaboration and community as a bridge between the world of today and tomorrow. 

She founded and runs a film and TV production company called, a film and TV production company and, a transmedia company developing AR/VR games and the upcoming, a SciFi brand based Community. Dominique has produced, co-produced and/or been directly involved in several independent films, which have been distributed globally and many have garnered selections in various film festivals. Windhorse production arm is in development on TV and video products for the ancillary markets. As a strategist, she creates huge shifts and opportunity by challenging traditional business models. Her business expertise and practices are grounded in her skills as a strategist, creating cross-pollination, delivering context vs. content, applied learning, outcomes and sphere of influence to the audience. 

She lives in the present and future creative worlds, and especially the realm of science fiction and fantasy, a genre she grew up passionately reading, and that eventually shaped the way she looks at life. She loves to watch things over the horizon, observing science, technology and innovation that will transform our world and pave the way to the future. Science fiction... Science fact is not just a saying. With great imagination, she weaved the NEWDAWN Saga all the way to 2098 and beyond into an odyssey transcending time and space. Her ultimate goal is to change the way people interact with content, and thus the books are the beginning of the NEWDAWN universe. The first novel begins the readers’ experiential journey into the world of NEWDAWN. As fans join the ranks of NEWDAWNERS, they will have access to an immersive community and interactive playground when the site launches in 2021. Inside the environment of the novels, readers and fans will be able to take part in the stories, and participate into shaping the world of NEWDAWN. 

She was born in France and raised in Paris, studied in Euope and North America where she achieved her Juris Doctor degree. With experience in business and creative development, management and production Dominique led her own US-based advertising firm, where she conceptualized, designed and oversaw award-winning corporate multi-national campaigns that led to over 50 ADDY Awards and developed and produced multimedia-interactive games. 




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