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Think and Grow Rich for Creatives and Entrepreneurs - Part One Intro
Episode 1821st January 2022 • Love Not Tolerance • Raven Kushner
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A new series begins! We are going through Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, gearing it towards creatives, entrepreneurs, and people who are passionate about personal growth.

In this first episode, I introduce the concepts, and provide examples from my own life about how I've applied the law of attraction to get what I wanted or needed. I start off with the Oath of Manifestation which was created through the work of Michael Bernard Beckwith, leader of Agape International Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills, CA.

This episode is especially good for skeptics who associate the law of attraction with woo woo, flakiness, or superstition. The law of attraction simply uses the mind's operating capacities, which evolved for our survival as one of the weakest members (physically) of the animal kingdom, to help us thrive and pass on our genetic material.

In the present day, the law of attraction can be used strategically to navigate an ever-changing social and economic landscape. Or it will be used unconsciously, and by default, by doing nothing. Either way, our thoughts shape our reality. My argument is that we should learn to use it strategically instead of being blown around by circumstances.

I reference my blog post on the importance of connection in the episode, so you can check that out here.

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