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Sozinho Matsinhe
Episode 412th October 2021 • eLearning Africa • eLearning Africa
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In Conversation with Professor Sozinho Francisco MatsinheChatting with Rob VemberSozinho argues the challenge now that Africa has been liberated is to liberate the minds of its people, arguing we should see languages as an asset, not as a liability of any kind. 

He calls for linguistic equity and talks about his efforts towards achieving that goal by making “if possible”, possible, during his tenure as Executive Secretary of the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), the official language agency of the African Union.

In the conversation he discusses misinformation and disinformation around Covid-19. While Communication is part of the problem Sozinho says it takes us to a much broader issue of the interplay between language and development, his main focal area. Find out why “You can’t kill hunger with foods cooked in borrowed pots” or why "You can't lick an empty hand". In addition to the many metaphors he employs, he shares why Mother tongue based education or bilingual education, shouldn’t be seen as a way to solve pedagogical problems.




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