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The Museum of Other People - an interview with anthropologist Adam Kuper
Episode 1120th February 2023 • Behind the Scenes at the Museum • Tiffany Jenkins
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Tiffany Jenkins interviews the anthropologist Adam Kuper about his new book, The Museum of Other People: From Colonial Exhibitions to Cosmopolitan Exhibitions.

Adam talks about the history of anthropology museums and the crisis in which they find themselves today. They discuss the collections of human remains, and objects that were taken in imperial wars. They talk about the Benin Bronzes and the problems with the drive to return them in the present moment.

Adam Kuper was most recently Centennial Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics and a visiting professor at Boston University. A Fellow of the British Academy and a recipient of the Huxley Medal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Kuper has appeared many times on BBC TV and radio and he has reviewed regularly for the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, and the Wall Street Journal. Read more about him and The Museum of Other People in this THES interview

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