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ADHD Revealed – The Real Deal about Medication and the Condition
Episode 178th December 2022 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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This episode is packed with information about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). From its origins to present day thinking about the condition. There are answers to the important questions about the use of medication to treat ADHD. Does Medication work? And is it safe? 

Come join Dr Walt Karniski MD whose new book is called " ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe?". Dr. Karniski has 40 years experience working with children and adults with ADHD in this very informative episode. He, amongst many others, does not look at ADHD as a disorder, but just a different way of thinking.

Doctor Walt Karniski Md's book "ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? Is sold on Amazon Books.

If you have a child with ADHD, or have it yourself or think you might, this is a must episode. Get to the "For Real" of ADHD.

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