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COVID-19 Vaccination Legal Concerns for Educators
Episode 79th March 2021 • PAGE Talks • Professional Association of Georgia Educators
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This episode is all about legal rights related to COVID-19 vaccines. Effective Monday, March 8, all preschool to secondary educators became eligible for vaccination. Most districts are working with their area health departments and other providers to distribute the vaccine as efficiently as possible to those who want it. According to a recent PAGE survey, overall about 66 percent of educators want to take the vaccine with those living in highly populated areas more likely to be vaccinated compared to educators in rural Georgia. The decision to be vaccinated – or not – is very personal. Many members are concerned about their legal and privacy rights regarding that decision.

Host Craig Harper, PAGE Executive Director, is joined by Matthew Pence and Leonard Williams, two of the six PAGE staff attorneys, who answer questions from members related to vaccinations.

Topics Discussed

  • Will my district know if I'm vaccinated?
  • Can a Georgia school district require its employees to be vaccinated?
  • Are there potential repercussions for not getting vaccinated?
  • Do my students or their parents have a right to know whether I'm vaccinated?
  • What should I do if I believe I've been treated negatively by my district due to my vaccination status?

If you are a PAGE member and would like to speak to a PAGE attorney, call the PAGE office at 800-334-6861 or find additional contact information on our website at

Additional COVID-19 information for educators and PAGE advocacy may also be found on the website.

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