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Building a Binge-able Brand with Nikki Arensman
Episode 4727th September 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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How do you feel about your brand? I’ve been saving this guest interview all summer, and I’m so excited to share it with you now! If you’re intrigued by all things branding,  this episode is for you!

Today Nikki shares the fundamental things you must have in place with your branding so you’re positioned appropriately for your ideal client to find you and buy from you, how to build a brand strategy, how to balance your personal style with your brand style - and so much more!

My guest, Nikki Arensman, is an expert at supporting female entrepreneurs & founders in building a brand-driven business from day one. She’s the Founder of The Business of Branding Podcast and creator of The Brand Boutique, a modern branding template shop. I had the opportunity to interview her back in May 2022,  just before the birth of her baby boy.  In this episode, we get into her personal story and chat all about her business evolution, and how she serves women looking to build an ideal brand. 

Nikki has helped over 15,000 women-owned businesses build a brand they’re absolutely in love with by using her DIY Template Systems and Brand Strategy Products.  She lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter, son, and 2 dogs.

Listen in for some great insights and don’t forget to check the links below for more information about all the things we discussed in the episode.

 Highlights from this Episode

We talk about:

  • Nikki’s experience with building brands for over a decade started in licensing and all the interesting things she learned working with brands like Marvel and Disney, and her manufacturing experience with a women’s fashion line.

  • Working with business owners to build a brand strategy and foundation from their larger vision.

  • What it felt like to take a leap and sell her business without a plan when she was pregnant with her daughter and getting back-to-basics to embrace her creative roots 

  • The larger conversation about the struggles female entrepreneurs face to create balance and wiggle room between life and their businesses, and how important it is to recognize that expectations and reality won't always match and that's okay.

  • The fundamental things you must have in place with your branding so you’re positioned appropriately for your ideal client to find you and buy from you.

  • The balance between personal and professional branding styles when it comes to reaching your audience.

  • Her pet peeves when it comes to branding, design trends, and seeking inspiration

  • And of course, all the best resources she has to offer (linked below.)





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