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The truth behind 6 & 7 figure claims
Episode 36th May 2024 • Your Business, Online, Your Way • Holly Christie
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How do you feel when you see people claiming to make 6 & 7 figures online? 

Does it motivate you to be like them or does it leave you feeling a little bit less than? 

What if we told you that the 6 & 7 figure claims are just a tactic in an unregulated industry and what you’re being sold is a story rather than a reality? 

Does it still appeal to you now? 

In this co-hosted episode Holly and Amy break down the different marketing tactics used when making 6 & 7 figure claims. Why people are claiming it and what it’s doing to the end user. 

We break down how to spot when someone’s claims don’t quite measure up and what kind of coach you should be working with to help you discover your voice; not someone else’s. 

Are you ready to get a whole lot wiser to shoddy sales tactics and to learn who’s a good fit for you and who you’re best avoiding? 

Let’s get started….




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