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Exploring the ‘Values Economy’, ‘Purpose’ and what it means for organisations - with Author and Director of ServiceBrand Global, Alan Williams
14th October 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“Values are for living… not laminating.

It was a total pleasure to have a conversation with Alan exploring his recent book, ‘The Values Economy’ - a practical tool designed to help organisations fine tune their business to be truly values driven.

For over 20 years, Alan has worked with organisations developing a values driven approach. In our podcast he shares, how he got started working in values, why he developed the book - and importantly, what the values economy is.

Alan describes the values economy as a ‘perfect storm’ driven by three factors - 1) choice, 2) communication and 3) control.

We explore the difference between purpose and values - Alan tells us,

Purpose and values are best friends, a bit like Laurel and Hardy - you take one away and it’s just not as effective. Purpose is the why you exist - values are how you are going to go about what you want to achieve.”

We delve into his view on marketing and the role marketing plays - discussing that marketing is no longer purely about persuasion but rather - it’s about making sure that everything that happens in the organisation is perceived by its values.

He asks the question, “As a marketer - would you rather be a master of persuasion, or a master of authenticity?”

Packed with practical examples, metaphors and insights - Alan’s message is very clear - and pretty simple. When it comes to values… “Do what you say”.

Alan’s book, The Values Economy is a great read - and you can find more about his work and World Values Day via the work he is doing at ServiceBrand Global, visit - and any comments, questions, ideas, suggestions related to the podcast, get in touch.

Due to the COVID19 situation, our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.