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The 340B Drug Discount Program: A Healthcare Soap Opera
Episode 219th May 2023 • Complications: Health Policy Unraveled • McGuireWoods Consulting
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In this episode of Complications: Health Policy Unraveled, host Stephanie Kennan clarifies the complexities of the 340B Drug Discount Program, discussing its history, ongoing litigation, challenges from drug manufacturers and Congress, and its impact on healthcare providers serving low-income and uninsured patients.

Meet Your Host

Name: Stephanie Kennan 

Title: Senior Vice President, Federal Public Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting

Specialty: Stephanie Kennan helps clients navigate the legislative and executive branches of federal government to solve problems involving a variety of healthcare policy issues. Her work focuses on providers, medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and associations concerned about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

[00:35] Introduction to the 340B Drug Discount Program and its history.

[01:38] Expansion of the program in 2010 and the role of Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH).

[03:32] GAO recommendations for increased HRSA oversight.

[04:28] Recent litigation regarding Medicare Part B payment reductions.

[05:30] Drug companies limiting hospital access to contract pharmacies and subsequent legal challenges.

[07:32] HRSA's proposed rule and potential changes to the dispute resolution process.

[08:02] The Arkansas 340B Pricing Non-Discrimination Act and the ongoing legal battle.


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