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20th May 2019 • 2 Dudes and A Chick • 2 Dudes and a Chick and Loudspeaker Studios
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On this episode, we have the host of The Scratching and Surviving podcast, Ms. Aries Webb-Williams, sitting in with the dudes while Tiff is #BookedandBusy. Priest D takes does the round-up and addresses the abortion ruling in Alabama (8:05). Dr. Ij and Aries give their thoughts on the impact the ruling will have beyond Alabama. Aries talks about being a co-parent vs a single mom (20:00). Priest D and Aries reminisce on their time working together, which leads to Aries comparing Dr. Ij and Priest D to Theo Huxtable (30:14). We end with discussing the entrepreneurial journey that Aries has been on since the start of the year (49:15). Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast. Rate & review us and be sure to check out The Scratching and Surviving podcast to stay up on what Aries is doing. --- Send in a voice message: