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Logistics With Purpose: Laura Cyrus with Truckers Against Trafficking
19th January 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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In this episode of Logistics with Purpose, powered by Supply Chain Now, Enrique Alvarez and Kristi Porter welcome Laura Cyrus with Truckers Against Trafficking to the podcast. 

Laura candidly takes us through her exciting and very meaningful life story as she goes from musical theater and drum line teacher; to studying criminal justice, working at a clinical psychologist practice, co-founding an organization around optimism and realizing her true calling is fighting sex trafficking by joining Truckers Against Trafficking.

Truckers Against Trafficking believes that prostitution is inherently exploitative, and when an individual is prostituted through force, fraud, coercion, poverty, abuse at earlier stages of life, and/or lack of viable options, they should not be punished for being exploited.

Truckers Against Trafficking believes education and awareness about the realities of prostitution, porn, and sexual violence are key to shifting cultural and societal views and protect victims and survivors. This is especially important for those in positions with a high likelihood of encountering victims (transportation, justice system, law enforcement, education professionals, healthcare workers, etc.).

Logistics and transportation providers are key in fighting sex trafficking. Listen to Laura, visit Truckers Against Trafficking, watch the 30 min training video, and demand that anyone in our industry takes action. You can make a difference!

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