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The Introductory Trailer for the God Centered Concept
Trailer12th April 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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The God Centered Concept

  1. The God Centered Concept - God Centered Concept which I will label GCC during these podcasts is based on the premise that the focus of our lives is on God and not ourselves and how to accomplish that.
  2. We will explore how the Bible contains many processes and concepts that help us to do just that.
  3. Purpose:  is about you relating to and pursuing God.  It is meant to be used between you and God to help develop and deepen your understanding of Him & your relationship with Him and to create and maintain a personal culture for yourself where God is in control of your life.  

This podcast is a part of THEND Mission a non denominational ministry whose purpose is to reach others for Christ and disciple other Christ centered believers to help them grow and mature in their relationship with God.

Please email me with any feedback or topics you might want us to discuss.

Everything in our episodes will have a biblical concept, biblical reference or biblical perspective.