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#8 Plastic Possibilities: MIT-Developed Coating’s Surprising Usefulness
Episode 813th October 2021 • Plastic Possibilities • Informa Markets – Engineering
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Have you heard of LiquiGlide? It's a kind of miracle coating for containers that makes nearly 100% of viscous products that consumers struggle dispensing to slide off surfaces cleanly as if by magic from bottles, tubes, and other type of containers. These include lotions, creams, toothpaste, conditioners, ketchup, and other products.

It turns out that familiar usage only scratches the surface of what this technology developed in the labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) brings to the table. In this 14-minute podcast, LiquiGlide CEO Dave Smith discusses...

  • A thumbnail history of the technology;
  • Colgate’s groundbreaking toothpaste bottle;
  • Moving products such as thick concentrates from squeeze bottles to jars;
  • Innovative new ready-for-market LiquiGlide-optimized packaging;
  • Emerging markets for the coating such as catheters, medical devices, and processing operations.