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212 Pulse, Presence and Process- Navigating the Flow • Ross Rosen
Episode 21210th August 2021 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Pulse palpation…the telling touch in Chinese Medicine. It’s an integral aspect of East Asian that  is simple in some ways, and deeply nuanced and complex in others. Feeling and interpreting a patient’s pulse is only one facet of clinical interaction. A practitioner has to be present and mindful of the patient; mindful of the experience.

In this conversation with Ross Rosen, we talk extensively about taking the pulse, connecting with the patient, being mindful of resources, and intervening appropriately for best outcomes. We dabble on topics surrounding implementing theories into clinical practice, Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis, and understanding the patient’s psychology.

Listen in on this discussion on the potency of clinical intervention and the importance of building a therapeutic connection with patients while “navigating the terrain.”