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Justin Roethlingshoefer || Managing And Optimizing Your Energy
Episode 3028th July 2021 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Justin Roethlingshoefer on the podcast

Justin Roethlingshoefer has 12+ years in the Sport Performance, Sport Science, Health, Nutrition & Fitness field. He has worked as a head strength coach in the NCAA and NHL, and runs a private camp for pro hockey players. Justin is the author of three books on mindset, body development & fitness that have been Amazon best sellers for their category and has spoken on international stages along with 2 TEDx talks. As founder of Own It, he and his team work with over 5000 people globally to help manage energy and optimize performance to enhance people to win consistently.


In this episode, Justin and I discuss the work he is doing with HRV and the discoveries he is making for athletic optimization. We also cover how we can manage our energy, stick to our values, and make difficult decisions in our lives 

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