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DIJ S3 E9: For the Love of Money
Episode 922nd September 2023 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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With the encouragement of both Shadiin and Dr. Finney, Delma briefly considers taking up late night DJ-ing. Shadiin and Delma check in about the passing of Delma's colleague and classmate, Dr. Charles Banks and the disproportionate health outcomes of BIPOC populations. Shadiin discusses her son's and their future plans. She also raises what it means to receive feedback from listeners about her "single" status and what it means practice relationships beyond monogamy and her recent dating fun in her dating life.

After the break our hosts welcome the "notorious" Dr. Carolyn Finney who discusses her journey through higher education and what it means to navigate the struggle of meeting her own expectations around social justice work and "the invisible list of rules" that come with being on "the left." She discusses how making money can conflict with her desire to be true to herself when "the rules" don't serve her. She powerfully discusses the task of knowing and meeting her own expectations in the face of people and institutions who expect something less than authenticity.