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Do You Have Clear Boundaries in Your Relationship? Step 6 of Improve Your Relationship Communication
Episode 3319th October 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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Do you set a clear boundary in your relationship? Or are you sending mixed signals in your relationship?

This episode discusses 4 ways you might be sending a mixed signal:

  • You take the trash out yourself in spite of your agreement
  • You criticize your spouse for not taking out the trash
  • You drown your spouse in solutions for getting the trash to the curb
  • You make the trash omnipotent

This week’s habit for your happily ever after is:

Notice the mixed signals you might be unintentionally sending rather than creating a clear and consistent boundary.

Which of the above 4 mixed signals do you tend to default to?

This week’s date night discussion is:

This week I invite you and your spouse to discuss the mixed signals you send.

6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication

I've written a book! Or at least I've almost finished. This episode is a sneak peek into step 6: Build Boundaries

You'll learn about why fear is just trying to protect you. But you'll also see how fear is damaging your relationship communication.

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