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Meet the Author with Tony Muschara, Ron Farris, and Jim Marinus
24th November 2021 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join for another episode of Meet the Author  with Tony Muschara, Ron Farris, and Jim Marinus as we discuss their book “Critical Steps: Managing What Must Go Right in High-Risk Operations” 

If you believe we need to prevent all human errors, think again. One, it’s impossible; two, it’s expensive; and three, it distracts from your focus on what’s important: high-risk activities.

In this session we look at:

  • What are the practices of managing CRITICAL STEPS?
  • How does it change the emphasis from simple error avoidance to ensuring success proactively and systemically?
  • How might asking "What must go right?" identify the CRITICAL STEPS as well as the low-risk work activities where the loss of control has little or no impact?
  • Once mapped, can line managers then give greater control of low-risk operations to the expert judgment of the workforce?

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