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Episode 62: Mel and Cherie Jones: Corporate Superstars Turned Full Time College Athletic Campus Ministers, Stewardship of Talents, Kingdom Living, and much more!
7th December 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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What would you do if your heard the voice of the Lord say, "Your life is not your own. You are to leave your corporate job and enter full time ministry."?

This is exactly the call Mel and Cherie Jones responded to in their lives. They upgraded their American dream for whole-hearted kingdom living. Mel and Cherie are full time staff with Athletes in Action campus ministries at the University of Minnesota. Listen in to their inspiring story of faith in action, walking in God's sovereignty, and stewarding their God-given talents and treasures.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-"Here I am Lord." Cherie's story of faith...03:10

-"The good guy." Mel's story of faith...05:30

-Living the American dream: marriage, kids, house, climbing the corporate ladder...08:50

-Mel and Cherie's call to full time ministry...11:00

-Holy burdened hearts for college students...13:30

-A full year of volunteering on campus...15:00

-"Your life is not your own." God's sovereign call on their lives...18:00

-Former salaried corporate superstars embark on a journey to raise support for full time missions...21:20

-Learning to trust the Lord on a whole new level...25:00

-Changed hearts: new desires, loss of old desires, new priorities, and higher levels of stewardship...27:00

-Learn about the current challenges college students face today and Mel and Cherie's process of discipleship...29:00

-The Invite Challenge: Come in. Come Prepared...32:30

-Mel and Cherie's perspective on what is preventing people from hearing and responding to God's call today...35:30

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