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WHH09: Have Them CRAVE You! Getting Your Brave On! - Jena Rodriquez
13th July 2016 • The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood • Heather Havenwood | Haven Media Network
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Clarity. Freedom. Everything an entrepreneur sets out to have when they decide to start a business. But as the details come at us - the intention of the business and the Brand i.e. the Voice of the business begins to fade. 

Join this deep conversion with Jena of “Brand with Jena” how to step into your full potential by ‘Getting Your Brave On’, Learn how to Jump! Make a Brave Choice, and Discover the TOP Skill you must Master.  In this episode Jena dissects the true difference between a BRAND and BRANDING.  Find out the top mistake all entrepreneurs make with their Brand of their business and how they can turn it around fast.  I absolutely loved this episode, there is a part of the show that I took so many notes, I forgot I was the host. Jena is BRILLIANT!


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Heather Havenwood
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