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21. Being Authentic With Yourself with Kenisha B. McIntosh
Episode 2112th February 2020 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this episode Kenisha and I have an authentic sisterhood conversation on what it means to be authentic with yourself and the world. We share our experiences of growing up in a Caribbean household as 1st generations and how it has shaped us into the women we are today. Kenisha openly shares what happened when she became more present with herself and stopped being the strong friend. 

Episode Highlights

  • Having a rebel heart is part of authenticity

  • Learning to be more authentic with yourself 

  • Knowing your destiny is bigger than where you grew up. 

  • Being homeless as a child

  • Find your voice despite traumatic experiences

  • The benefits of travelling

  • Developing a world view as a child.

  • Growing up with parents who allow you to thing big and expand your imagination 

  • Financial literacy 

  • Coming from a lineage of trauma 

Special Guest: Kenisha B. McIntosh





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