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Creating the Case for Sustainability Within Buildings
Episode 424th March 2022 • The GLYNT View • GLYNT.AI
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Buildings have a massive impact on our lives because they are where we spend most of our lives and because of their manufacture's environmental impact. We might not see it, but buildings are composed of several moving parts whose production impacts the environment hugely, like concrete, glass, and steel.

The built environment alone is responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions, more than industry and transportation. If we look at large cities, considered the engines of economic growth, the built environment is responsible for 70% of emissions.

As the world's population tendency is to keep growing, and projections estimate we'll be about 11 to 12 billion people on this planet by 2030, we must start thinking now about the sustainability of our buildings.

In this episode, we chat with Glynt's Board Member Christine Erving and Glynt's CRO Chieng Moua about greening the building industry and transforming the energy we use in it. Christine was the Assistant Secretary of Energy under the Clinton administration, and the first President and CEO for the US Green Building Council responsible for developing the Lead Certification system used all over the globe today.

We delve into why it is crucial to address the needs of greening the building industry, how beneficial this will be for companies and society, how innovation can help make the sector more effective, sustainable, and profitable, and more.

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