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Unlocking Protein's Power | Dr. Jess Gwin on Essential Amino Acids and Muscle Health
Episode 997th May 2024 • The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
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Dr. Jess Gwin, a recognized expert in nutritional sciences, unveils the profound role of proteins and essential amino acids in our diet. We discuss the critical importance of protein quality and its impact on more than just muscle health—exploring how it influences hunger, brain function, and satiety.

Delving into the nuances of daily protein optimization, Dr. Gwin explains why all proteins aren't created equal and the implications for dietary guidelines. The conversation also covers the limitations of current dietary guidelines and what future research is needed to improve public health recommendations.

Dr. Gwin provides insightful perspectives on the potential changes in how we view protein intake and its overall role in our health.

Join us in this enlightening podcast where we explore the essential yet often overlooked aspects of nutritional science and how it impacts your overall wellbeing.

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