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How to deal with criticism from people in your industry
Episode 6910th June 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you ever posted something online either on your website or social media only for people in your industry to lash out?

Maybe you’ve shared some advice for the customers or community you serve only to be torn apart by a competitor.

Putting yourself out there, and putting your content out there, is brave.

We are vulnerable, because although we come from a place of trying to be helpful, there is that fear that someone will tear us down.

It can make you want to hide away and knock your confidence which impacts on your business and on you emotionally.

In this episode I talk about ways to cope with negativity and how you can bounce back.

There are case studies, links to expert advice and lots more.

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Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.36: Intro to the episode theme and what it's like to be called out online.

2.00: Why it’s brave to put yourself out there.

3.05: How it took me nearly four years to start putting content out there about my area of expertise.

4.27: How It’s Not For You has become the stock answer for when people criticise you online.

6.38: Who experiences criticism online?

7.17: The imposter syndrome Imp, how we all experience it in different ways and Rosie Gilderthorp’s expert advice on this.

9.39: Case Study Ali Smith from Rebarkable.

11.25: The reasons why people feel the need to lash out.

13.20: My personal experience of being attacked online earlier this year.

15.15: How the experience made me question myself and hide away.

15.56: The impact of being put down or attacked online.

17.49: How imposter syndrome effects everyone, even people who you look up to.

19.26: Natasha Courtenay Smith post from LinkedIn on Imposter Syndrome.

20.39: Why we must keep getting back on the horse!

20.48: Case study Kim O’Donnell and Claire Lawrence.

23.45: Case study Angela Day

27.19: Why criticism always sounds 10 times louder than positive feedback.

28.38: How being part of a community can help you feel more supported.

29.58: Keeping a win folder for lifting yourself up.

31.29: Where to keep in touch.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Rosie Gilderthorp - listen to her podcast on Imposter Syndrome here.

Ali Smith - visit her online puppy training website

Natasha Courtenay Smith - visit her website Natasha Courtenay Smith

Learn more about Claire Lawrence - High Peak Dogs

Learn more about Angela Day - Born2Run

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