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42. Carole Barsano On: The Social Media Reality Check We All Need
Episode 4215th September 2023 • Social Media Manager Confidential • Shanté Gorman, Mentor for Social Media Managers
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Are you still posting like your sales depends on it? Churning through content, posting content for content's sake and not stopping to think about the goal behind the post? Or perhaps you’re getting concerned at your client’s social media engagement dropping and not realizing that engagement isn’t the metric we (as business owners) should be focused on.

In this episode, I sit down with Carole Barsano a pretty big player in the digital marketing world with over 24 years of experience working with Fortune 500 Companies including MTV, Warner Bros, the NBA, Porsche, and Macy’s and we’re diving into everything that is great and crappy about being in the social media space as marketers. You will get a very real glimpse into Carole’s life and experience as she shares about what makes huge waves and results for her clients and students, the focus we should have as social media managers, how to make more money in our profession and her philosophies and strategies when it comes to creating content that converts. So buckle up! For some, this will be a whole new way of viewing social media.

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