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Building Safety Success Through Technology and Mentorship with Jeremy Denton
Episode 3515th May 2024 • The Safety Meeting • KPA
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In this episode of The Safety Meeting, Jeremy Denton, Senior Construction Safety Engineer with Alpha & Omega Safety, discusses a multifaceted approach to success in workplace safety. His toolbox for success includes embracing the many capabilities of digital tools, building trust and genuine connections, and investing in the future of safety professionals.

  • (0:46) – Assessing success in safety
  • (2:54) – Challenges for safety professionals
  • (7:29) – Advocating for technology in safety practices
  • (10:20) – From paper to digital
  • (16:08) – An effective toolbox talk
  • (19:03) – Mentorship of safety professionals
  • (22:01) – The value and responsibility of safety professionals
  • (23:16) – ROI of safety software

Thanks for joining another episode of The Safety Meeting, the podcast that makes you smarter about current trends and best practices in workforce safety. From employee engagement to actionable data, and everything in between, tune in to hear how you can work more safely.

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