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Tom Wynne Talks to the Dark Master
Episode 479th December 2022 • Living Martial Arts • Master Ray Gayle
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I feel privileged to chat with many skilful martial artists who competed in the past era and some who are still competing in the present era. This week's podcast finds me chatting with Mr Tom Wynne, a slick, excellent competitor that has managed to span several eras and still come out on top.

Mr Tom Wynne Is a martial artist who I admired back in the day. I liked his style of fighting because he always made his fighting do the talking. Although our paths never crossed in the competition arena, I admired him as a skilled competitor. He could walk the walk as a technical fighter, but if you wanted to mix it up and get rough and tough, he was happy to oblige. I caught up with Tom to discuss the old days and what made him tick and kick.

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