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286 Qi, Yi and Tensegrity • Stefan Grace
Episode 28610th January 2023 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Our language tells the tale of our evolution and the movement of the mind. It captures the experiences, attitudes, and wisdom of our ancestors and allows us to reflect upon our own. 

As herbalists and acupuncturists, the language of our medicine allows us to explore the body’s terrain. And by working with the body, we avail ourselves of the opportunity to communicate with the Spirit, the Five Phases, along with the channels and collaterals. 

And like classical Chinese language, our medicine typically leaves things open ended. It requires a fluid mind and a capacity to look both at ‘process’ and ‘thing.’

In this conversation with Stefan Grace, we touch on a number of topics—including unpacking portions of the Nei Jing, considering the meaning of the Chinese character Tong (通), the importance of Yi (intention), and the relevance of tensegrity in our work. We also talk about the influence of the Chinese language in our practice and the need to verify the teaching passed on to us.

Listen into this discussion on the lessons of the Nei Jing, cultivating Yi, and the influence of Tong in our clinical work..