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146. How Can the Autism Classroom Organization Results in Effectiveness (CORE) Model Help Your Classroom?
Episode 14610th January 2023 • Autism Classroom Resources Podcast: A Podcast for Special Educators • Christine Reeve, Special Education Support
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Is your classroom set up in a way that allows it to run smoothly and almost automatically (or auto-magically, as I like to say)? Special education classroom organization is a huge piece of The CORE Model. It promotes collaboration, reduces stress, and allows you to get back to teaching instead of just managing your classroom. 

In this episode, I share what the CORE Model is, how it came about, what should be included, and why this model is so important. 

02:42 - What the CORE model stands for and why strengthening the CORE should be a priority

07:52 -  What elements go into the CORE and how the Teaching Implementation Plan ties into this model

09:34 - The importance of having a zoning plan and why your special education classroom organization is so important

10:21 - Why having a system for data collection and lesson planning is so important

12:08 - Two very important components for our students in Special Education and how they impact the outcomes we are trying to focus on

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