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The Radford Trust with Emma Campbell
Episode 2826th September 2020 • Roseland Podcast • Roseland Podcast
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Welcome to another episode of the Roseland Podcast 

I’m Chloe, your host.

In today’s episode:

  • We’re talking to Emma Campbell about the Radford Trust - both it’s history, and how it continues to help today’s musicians

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Interview time!


Find all the details for the Radford Trust here:


Lindsay and I have decided to pause the podcast for a while. So this is probably the last episode for 2020. 

Thanks to all our guests as you have all been brilliant and quite literally we couldn’t have created the podcast without you.

Everything we’ve put live so far will remain available to you for free for a very long time (we have no plans to take it down). So if you’ve not yet listened to some of the episodes - now’s the time to listen to them all! And if you want to relisten you can too.

You will find everything at, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify and other great podcast apps.

If you want to make sure you hear the second we’re back - then we recommend finding us on a podcast app and hitting the subscribe button.

Enjoy the autumn!

Be kind and stay safe.