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Coronavirus vectors, regenerative ag and a beef update
Episode 2131st July 2020 • Around Farm Progress • aroundfarmprogress
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Here's a question you might not have considered: Do mosquitos spread COVID-19? The answer, thankfully, is no. But in the latest episode of the Around Farm Progress podcast, P.J. Griekspoor, editor, Kansas Farmer, shares the story of a K-State mosquito expert who wasn't willing to take the "it's safe" message at face value. She offers insight into his research proving there's no worry.

Griekspoor is also following a three-year project supported by General Mills focusing on regenerative agriculture. She offers some background on the farmers involved and the work ahead.

Burt Rutherford, editor, BEEF Magazine, got to do something few have done in recent weeks – attend a meeting. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association held its summer business meeting in-person, and virtually, in Aurora, Colorado, and he attended. He offers a look at the business conducted. And even shares that while he was following those social distance and mask rules, that can still be hard.


Photo: Mosquito: nechaev-kon/iStock; regenerative: Willie Vogt; Beef: SteveOehlenschlager/iStock