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Dr. Ian Wallace: Why A Dream Is The Ultimate Selfie, How Analyzing Dreams Can Improve Our Waking Lives, Inducing Lucid Dreaming and Much More!
8th June 2022 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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In our lifetime we spend about 25 years asleep and for at least 6 of these years, we are dreaming.

Dreams have fascinated philosophers for thousands of years, but only very recently dreams have become the subject of scientific study. 

I am certain that most of you who are listening have often wondered about your dreams, where they come from and what they mean and why you dream at all. My guest today has answers to these questions and some of them are as surprising as they are enlightening.

Ian Wallace is a psychologist who specialises in dreams and dreaming. He is widely acclaimed in the media for his live dream analysis.

Ian has an encyclopaedic knowledge of dreams and the dreaming process and over thirty years of experience of putting his learning into successful practice.

Since graduating in Psychology, Ian has analysed hundreds of thousands of dreams for his clients during his professional career as a dream psychologist.

As the author of the best-selling dream books, ‘The Top 100 Dreams’ and 'The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams', he has increased public awareness of the value of dreams and sleep, and how to actually make practical use of them.

Ian's experience and insight from this work leads him to believe that exploring our dreams is the most powerful and accessible way to realise what we want in life and how to achieve it. 

Ian is the originator of the Dream Connection Process, a unique and powerful method that enables anyone to connect the imagery and symbolism that they create in their dreams to situations and opportunities in waking life where they can use this awareness to make a healthy difference. He uses the Dream Connection Process with even the scariest and most disturbing nightmares, so that the dreamer can identify positive actions to take in waking life that will help them connect with their deepest hopes and aspirations. As Ian says to his clients, “A dream is just a dream until you put it into action'.

In this episode with Dr. Ian Wallace, you'll discover:

-Why a dream is the "ultimate selfie"...03:49

-The optimal way to dealing with reoccurring dreams...06:49

-Getting chased by zombies is one of the most common unpleasant dreams...11:19

-The top 3 most common dreams...13:22

-Dreams that are prophetic, or foretelling the future...22:44

-Why do we function largely based on our subconscious?...31:20

-Substances that dissolve the barrier between the conscious and unconscious states...39:24

-How to better remember our dreams, and have more lucid dreams...47:55

-PTSD and its relation to nightmares and night terrors...55:12

-Regaining a sense of agency by knowing how to analyze our dreams...1:08:52

-Ian's best personal practices to enhance himself physically, emotionally and spiritually...1:11:03

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Decode Your Dreams: Unlock Your Unconscious And Transform Your Waking Life

The Top 100 Dreams

The Complete A - Z Dictionary of Dreams