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The Mandalorian Chapter 7 - The Reckoning Review
11th January 2022 • The Credible Nerds • The Credible Nerds
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Join The Credible Nerds for a review of Chapter 7 - The Reckoning! Justin, Blake, and Nathan review this penultimate Season One chapter as Mando is contacted by his old buddy Greef Karga wanting to make amends and is willing to cancel the bounty on his head. Will Mando believe Greef Karga? Will he willingly go back to the Guild for another job? Listen and find out!

We discuss how obviously it's a trap and how Mando gets out of this one. He recruits past characters, Quill and IG-11, and Cara Dune to help him in case it is a trap.

Of course the Bantha poodoo hits the fan in this episode and we break it all down for our listeners.

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