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Creating a winning CS Culture
Episode 123rd November 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Whether it’s a startup or a long-established enterprise, for every company culture is important because it binds the whole organization together and serves as the fuel for an active, healthy, and successful work team. In this episode, our guest Eduardo Amorim, Global Head of Customer Success at Sendcloud, shares some useful insights to understand which factors contribute in developing a CS Culture that is able to regenerate, grow and adapt to new kinds of frameworks while acknowledging and optimizing the company’s priorities.

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(04:59) - Foundational aspects to grow a winning customer success culture - “We have three main pillars: People first, culture second and the third one is business.”

(08:39) - How to build an evolving framework - “Making sure that the entire team will actually achieve the vision and be excited about it.” 

(15:30) - Encouraging team members to step forward through an entrepreneurial approach - “If it works out and if it's successful, you run with it and you'll be in the forefront of the celebration.”

(18:08) - Culture challenges within hybrid environments - “We allow ourselves the moments to bond and to get to know each other behind the results.”


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