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Reflecting on our Season: Delightful Stories on Being Authentic
Episode 3427th September 2023 • The Fire Inside Her; Authenticity, Self Care, and Wisdom for Life Transitions • Diane Schroeder
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Join host Diane Schroeder on the closing episode for season three of The Fire Inside Her as we revisit some of the incredible stories we have journeyed through over the past three months. This season has been filled with the transformative journey to authenticity. In each of these episode, Diane has journeyed into stories of inspiring individuals who have overcome adversity and fear to uncover their true selves. From breaking free from limiting beliefs to finding purpose through self-care rituals, and rising from unimaginable difficulties; this podcast dives deep into the power of vulnerability, resilience, and self-love. Discover how guests like Deb Curtis, Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, and Kimberly Lightly have transformed their lives and how you can do the same. This episode is an excellent opportunity to revisit what we have gained over this season or give you a sense of episodes you may have missed. Diane also shares with a glimpse into the season ahead. Get ready to be inspired, gain wisdom, and ignite the fire inside you.

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Diane Schroeder [:

Welcome to The Fire Inside Her podcast. I'm your host, Diane Schroeder, inviting you to kick back, relax, and join myself and other travelers on the journey to authenticity. You are in a safe space to open your heart and mind soak in inspiration, soak up wisdom, and feel all the feels. Let's get started as we stoke the flames of your authentic self.

Diane Schroeder [:

Hello. I cannot believe at the time of this recording, episode 34. Holy moly. A year ago, I had not even committed to launching a podcast and I'm so grateful that I've had this experience that you have listened faithfully and as this tiny independent podcast starts to grow, it brings so much joy to my heart. Before I recap the last twelve episodes, I would just want to remind you that the Firey Souls community is launched and now is the best time to join this amazing group of spirited and adventurous middle-aged women who want to explore the magic of self-care rituals so that we can ignite our souls and build capacity in our lives and live authentically with purpose and joy. And now is such a great time to join this community as a founding member because prices are going to start to go up in a couple of weeks, so head on over to either or

Diane Schroeder [:

When I think about my guests over the last several episodes, they all shared these beautiful stories about their journey to authenticity with grace and vulnerability in the most beautiful way. I'm always inspired and encouraged by being able to witness and share these amazing stories of overcoming loss, grief, fear, and letting go. Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, my guests share their incredible journey of what happens after the messy middle. In episode 23, Deb Curtis shared her challenges with sexism, discrimination, and harassment in the world of finance and how she made it her mission to help women and people of color, along with other underrepresented groups, become business owners. And here is the best part. She helps you find an established business that's for sale. And there are lots out there. Baby boomers are retiring by the thousands each day. So, if you're curious, be sure to go back to episode 23 and listen with a pen and paper handy about becoming your own boss.

Diane Schroeder [:

What about the gremlins that remind you what you can't do? How much time do you spend listening to them and following your limiting beliefs when you're about to start something new? That's how my friend Gretchen described her journey to launching her own leadership business in episode 25. Thankfully, she didn't let her gremlins convince her otherwise. Her knowledge, passion, and curiosity are a gift to us all. Speaking of fear, how about my girl, Jen Carrubba in episode 31? She put her fears aside to follow her passion for yoga. She started as a teacher and now owns her own studio. I love how passionate Jen is about yoga, community, family, and how genuine of a human she is. She's also very vulnerable about sharing her mental health challenges.

Diane Schroeder [:

Linda Strader's journey led her through unexpected challenges that eventually landed her writing books on her experience as one of the first female wildland firefighters for the U.S. Forest Service in the 1970s. In episode 26, her experiences demonstrate her resilience and grit and I think reminded me to trust the journey. And you may not have all the answers right in front of you, but one step at a time, the answers will appear.

Diane Schroeder [:

So, how do you get to the place of self-love and prioritizing your happiness? I feel like that's the million-dollar question. I could chat with Dr. Michelle R. Hannah for days. Episode 30 is so packed with wisdom and actionable steps that you can take to put you first. It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. And an important step in self-love is taking radical responsibility for your life and owning your story. Marsha Vanwynsberghe reminds us that we can't choose the hands we are dealt in life. In episode 27, the same words Chris Prange-Morgan said in episode 11 owning your story and self-love and acceptance are such inspiring gifts that these women have shared with me. But it wasn't just women who inspired me this season. I had Dr. Burton Clark, a legend in the fire service on episode 24. He is funny, vulnerable, kind, and while he has lots of recognition from his several decades in the fire service, his love for his late wife and dedication of a scholarship in her name for women in fire, tugged at my heartstrings. And as a boy mom, I hope that my little man holds me in the high regard Dr. Clark has for his mom and the other strong women who influenced his life. Be sure to check out the show notes for the scholarship information.

Diane Schroeder [:

One of my greatest insecurities and struggles in my life is my relationship with my body. I know why I've struggled with her and I am working hard to make peace with her and love her the way she deserves to be loved. Part of my frustration has always been finding clothes that fit my body for outdoor activities. And when the universe connected me with Andrea Kelly, an advocate for inclusive sizing, specifically in the outdoor industry, I knew I had to chat with her. She took her experience from working for outdoor brands and leveraging it to advocate for her own consultancy business, Make Plus Equal. Did you know that 70% of women in the U.S. are plus-size? She sure puts a lot of things in perspective. Check out episode 33 to hear how this badass advocate is changing the world and how using her voice professionally translated to her personal life too.

Diane Schroeder [:

Finally, the most impactful conversation I had not only this season, but I'm pretty sure the entire year I've been podcasting is with Kimberly Lightley. In the two-part episodes 28 and 29, Kimberly shares her story of surviving a wildfire that took the lives of 14 firefighters, including nine from her own hotshot crew. Kimberly is an amazing storyteller and the emotion in which she presents what happened on that day almost 30 years ago and her journey through healing and how she honors her brothers and sisters to this day by teaching and speaking and sharing her story is so powerful. Not to mention, she is one of the kindest humans I have ever met.

Diane Schroeder [:

And there is the recap for season three of The Fire Inside Her podcast. Next season is going to continue to be exciting as we dive into topics like sex and divorce and mindset. I cannot wait to explore more journeys of authenticity.

Diane Schroeder [:

Thank you for giving the valuable gift of your time and listening to The Fire Inside Her podcast. Speaking of value, one of the most common potholes we fall into on the journey to authenticity is not recognizing our value. So, I created a workbook. It's all about value. Head on over to to get your free workbook that will help you remember your value. Until next time, my friend.




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