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Episode #1 | Tech, Tools, and Transformation: Luke Matthews Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Operations and AI Course
Episode 116th May 2024 • The Queen of Automation • Meghan Donnelly
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In this episode, Luke and Meghan delve into the world of automation, discussing the benefits and challenges of using technology in business. Luke, the founder of Wizard Marketing, sheds light on his journey from Canada to Paraguay and initiates an in-depth conversation about work-life balance and the seamless blend of personal and professional life.

They explore the transformation of Luke's business operations and the trials and tribulations of adopting an all-in-one software solution. From the development and challenges of creating a course on AI and LinkedIn to their shared love for utilizing Loom for creating SOP videos, Luke and Meghan provide valuable insights into the dynamic world of technology and business management.

The duo's candid and relatable approach to navigating the complexities of technology and entrepreneurship offers a refreshing perspective in the realm of social media and business management. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of automation and business management from two experienced professionals who aren't afraid to break the mold and share their unfiltered experiences.

Stay tuned for the release of Luke's upcoming AI and LinkedIn course, designed to make AI accessible to individuals of all proficiency levels. Don't miss out on Luke's humorous and informative content on LinkedIn, where he offers practical advice on leveraging technology to enhance business operations.

Join Luke and Meghan as they continue to push the boundaries of conventional business conversations, addressing the realities of entrepreneurship and the ever-changing landscape of technology in the business world.




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