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The Subconscious Identity Shifts that Happen Once You Say "I Do" and Expert Advice to Help You Manage Them - With Aleigh Huston-Lyons of Aisle Talk
Episode 344th November 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Hello and welcome back to the show! This is show number 34 and today we're talking about something no one ever talks about and that is the identity shifts that happen once you get married. These are subconscious shifts that you may or may not realize are happening, and they can happen right away, or over time.

To help us learn more about these shifts and how to manage them is Aleigh Huston-Lyons, an Associate Therapist at Aisle Talk, one of the only - if not the only - boutique consultation and therapy practice that helps stress-out brides and grooms manage wedding stress so they can feel happy as they plan "The Happiest Day of Their Lives"

Today, Aleigh shares so much about how to prepare for your new role as husband or wife. She discusses:

  • How a married partnership is different from a dating partnership
  • Misconceptions couples have about what being married will look like, feel like, or be like
  • Challenges couples face when they transition from dating life to married life and how they can navigate those challenges...especially the challenges that come early on in marriage
  • Important questions couples need to ask each other, and themselves, to prepare for a successful partnership

To learn more about Aisle Talk, click on any of the links below:



We'd love to know what changes you felt once you got married? What do you think marriage will be like, look like, feel like? What conversations have you had with your soon-to-be spouse as you enter into married life

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