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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 41, 23rd April 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Jennifer Royer, Olive
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Product Marketing Insider | Jennifer Royer, Olive

This week on Insider we’re joined by Head of Product Marketing and GTM Strategy at Olive, Jennifer Royer, to discuss all things PMM. Jennifer shares her journey into the role, why it’s the perfect job for her, the PM-PMM relationship, the top three skills that have helped in her career, tips for aspiring PMMs, and more.


"Stay hungry. I mean that along a few dimensions, one is the markets always changing so keeping a pulse on that and knowing the key channels to get information will really strengthen your leadership position and the relationships that you have across the organization. It also goes back to that skill set of five levels of why and asking questions. There's no constant but change. That's certainly true in the world of a product marketer."