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Ben Coomber - Achieving High Performance
Episode 117th March 2023 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“Block out negativity… take control and then work towards the goal.”

On this week’s edition of The Oxygen Advantage® Podcast, Patrick is joined by high performance coach, businessman and author, Ben Coomber.

Both as a High Performance Coach and in his own life, Ben specializes in breaking down and examining the parts of our lives that may be stopping us form achieving high performance. He says it’s starts with making changes that will get us the “big wins”, i.e. things we can change that will quickly bring improvements, like a good night’s sleep.

The people Ben coaches, score different parts of their life out of 10, like diet, stress, sleep and even relationships. By looking at the lowest scores first, Ben says that’s how you can identify your “big wins”.

The things we can change or adapt to improve our overall health will differ from person to person. Job, stress, diet, relationships and more can all be negatives for our health. By taking a look at how we spend the time each day is how we can make positive changes and use our time better, and according to Ben, sleep is one of the best ways we can make quick improvements to our performance.

Many of the tools Ben uses to improve his clients’ health and performance can all be found in his book How to Live an Awesome Life. Ben’s other books How to Be an Awesome Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition in Practice are also available for purchase.

This is a very entertaining and informative conversation about finding ways to use our time better and avoiding the many unhealthy traps of modern life, like poor sleep, phone addiction and stress.

Discover more about Ben on his website or search Ben Coomber on your preferred social platform.

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