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Do You Ever Feel Used in Your Relationship?
Episode 1326th January 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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I'm Rebecca Mullen, a relationship coach living in Western Colorado. Today we’ll look at why you might feel taken for granted in your relationship:

1.    You’ll hear why cleaning the kitchen is sexy

2.    You’ll get a gold-star habit that will shine a spotlight on the invisible work you do

3.    And I’ll give you a discussion prompt that will offer your sweetheart a chance to tell you how proud they are of you.

Click here to see a tic-tac-toe board that gives a snapshot of your relationship. It shows how the partner, friend, and lover in your relationship relate to each other.

When your relationship is strong, you’re able to concentrate at work, reduce conflict at home, and then receive support for your dreams so you have courage to live your best life.




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