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48: Adrenochrome & Pizza Gate Conspiracies 101 - Resources to Check Out for Yourself, Our Thoughts & Experiences, Why Awareness is Important, Podesta Emails, Codewords, & More!
Episode 4829th May 2022 • Awake: Not Woke • Sara & Chas
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☽Episode 48: Adrenochrome & Pizza Gate Conspiracies 101☾

In this episode we talk about the infamous conspiracy that is Pizzagate. We are by no means an exhaustive resource on this topic but we provide lots of resources to educate yourself further on this topic and make your own decision. This is one of the first topics that we discovered in the conspiracy realm and continues to be one that shapes our perspectives on the world and current events. This is a complicated one, so buckle in and get your tin foil hats ready!

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